Do you have a business in the city centre? Do you shop in the city centre? Did you used to shop in the city centre?

Then please come to the Wolverhampton Business Forum event on the evening of the 30th January to consult with the city council about the City Centre Area Action. 

Book your FREE place at the Wolverhampton business networking event
and discuss the issues and options facing the city centre. The planning officer Simon Latham will be in attendance to hear your views.
Local businesses play a crucial role in the Wolverhampton economy and will be key to help create future investment, jobs and regeneration. Therefore, Planning officers are keen to attend business forum meetings to listen to the issues and aspirations of the business community, discuss how the plan can help meet the needs of businesses, and provide businesses with more information about the City Centre Area Action Plan.

Wolverhampton Business Forum

View the plans.

Simon Latham

Planning Officer, Education & Enterprise

Tel. Office: 01902 555639


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