A major broadcaster is developing a documentary looking at how retailers and police crack down on shoplifting across the UK.

They would like to hear from businesses and retailers who are experiencing continued problems with shoplifters, and who are taking steps to fight back against increasing numbers of incidents. By taking part in the documentary, the retailers will show that this is an issue facing all sectors of the industry, and will shed light on the associated strains – financial, staffing, legal, and limitations placed on store layout and promotions.

The documentary will also feature high-tech methods used by high-end stores to deal with the problem, and so other retailers featured will have the opportunity to learn about new and successful methods of reducing and preventing shoplifting.

Should any retailer be interested in taking part, please email info@www.wbfonline.org/ at the WBF for more information.

Businesses will be chosen very soon so get in touch as soon as you can.


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