QR codes are a way to link up your web based marketing that you do on your website, Facebook, Google + and Twitter for instance with your offline campaigns. I am sure that you have seen those boring black and white QR codes on flyers and posters. They are not all that appealing.

Customized QR Code

If you make your QR codes look more attractive you will surely get more responses to your call to actions. Your QR codes could feature your logo and your primary brand colour. This would add appeal to your brand and see more tangible results.

Specific Call to Action (CTA)

  • Send your contact details to people who scan the QR code
  • Send details of an event to people who scan the QR code
  • Send people directly to PayPal to buy an item or service
  • Send people to your Facebook page
  • Send people to your website
  • Send an sms message to people who scan the QR code
  • Send GEO location details for any place on earth – great for event venues

QR codes can send people to pay for an item directly; it can send your contact details to their phones; it can add details of your events to their calendar

Measure the Results

QR codes are a good way to measure the success of your flyers. leaflets and postings. Everytime that a QR code is scanned the results are stored for later analysis. This gives you a great way to fine tune the design of your printed materials

SEO Benefits

A link from anywhere contributes to how well your website ranks on Google. So you can see the effect that a well designed, branded QR code can have on where your website ranks on Google. Every time the QR code is scanned it is recorded and if it sends visitors to your website that will score you a bonus point. Imagine the number of times your customized QR code could be scanned on a poster placed in the right place for your target audience.

Joined up marketing is the way to go these days so a well designed, appealing QR code could play an important role in this.

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