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Review of our Networking Event in Sept 2016

Our September event at the Lifespring Centre attracted over 130 attendees. We welcomed many new delegates who came along to network with fellow business owners and managers. We also sold out of tables again, so if you are interested in one for the next event, please do book as soon as you get the event details. We send out emails to our mailing list and also publicise events here on our website and via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A new feature we are offering our members from this month is the ability to download a PDF version of the speakers slides for our events.  The first batch are up on the WBF website now and you can find them here.  We will continue to provide these downloads in the future and the page will hold speaker slides for a maximum of four events.

A huge thank you to the Lifespring Centre for hosting this event and to Henry Carver from Carvers Building Merchants for providing liquid refreshments throughout the evening. It certainly set the scene for a lively evening where many new contacts were made and old contacts re-established. The Lifespring Centre is set to become a popular venue and meeting place in Wolverhampton’s Chapel Ash and we are confident that we will be back for further Wolverhampton Business Forum events in 2017.

We had three engaging talks for this event. Firstly, Isobel Woods and Andy Moran came to talk to us about what Wolverhampton Council are doing to help support business in Wolverhampton. Isobel told us about the supply chain opportunities that are opening up locally and about the Growth Hub (find it at www.bcgrowthhub.com) together with the new HMV City platform.  Andy talked about the procurement opportunities available for Wolverhampton Council and where to find them online. He also gave us some tips on what they are looking for in bids that we submit to them.

The second talk of the evening came from Alison Reeves who took us through 10 Golden Rules to help you win more bids. (You see; we do plan these events with a theme in mind!).  Alison gave us a lot of tips for when preparing ourselves and our document so that we have a much better chance of winning new business.

Our third speaker was Chris Green from Calloway Green whose talk was about ‘Creating Content that Creates Clients’.  He explained how important it is to create content on the internet and how to use it in a variety of different ways to increase awareness of our brand and what we can offer our clients. He also gave us some great tips on how to come up with ideas for content, which of course is always the hard bit. I’m sure everyone went away with a much clearer idea of what online marketing was all about.

In addition to all of this we also heard from our tables who get to use the microphone tell everyone a little bit about their business. We also had our usual business card draw where about half a dozen delegates get one minute to introduce their business to the rest of the room.  If you would like to be included in this, make sure your business card is in the draw (hand it over when you register on arrival). To get the most out of your minute, brush up on what you want to say – your elevator pitch – before you come and also remember to mention any special offers you have for the rest of the delegates.

We also raised over £60 with our raffle which goes towards the running of our events and helps us to keep them free to attend.

All-in-all it was a great evening and we have had excellent feedback from many delegates. If you would like to comment on any of our events, please get in touch using info@www.wbfonline.org. We love to hear from our members and we are very keen to make continual improvements to the Wolverhampton Business Forum events based on your feedback.

Next Event 1 December 2016

Remember you can book to attend our next networking event now and guarantee a place.

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